Collingwood Yards



Collingwood Yards
35 Johnston St, Collingwood Victoria 3066, Australia

Collingwood Yards is managed by not-for-profit organisation, Contemporary Arts Precincts Ltd. Our office is located on Level 1 in the Johnston Street Building. Please make sure you’ve contacted us to arrange an appointment before dropping by. Over the last five years our organisation has taken ownership of the former Collingwood TAFE site and invested more than $15m from philanthropy, government and commercial partners into its redevelopment. There is a crisis of affordable arts space in Australia and in Melbourne in particular. Most, if not all, of the not-for-profit tenants supported at Collingwood Yards have come under threat of having to relocate, to pay unaffordable rent or close if they are unable to secure an affordable base for their operations. We believe that the importance of keeping a diverse range of artists and creative communities active in any city cannot be understated. The social benefits of arts participation are well documented and affordable space is a key part of supporting them. Collingwood Yards is both a transformational project for its neighbourhood and a proof of concept for our broader goal: to develop a new model of providing affordable and sustainable arts space in Australia.

What's on here

Exhibition Free

To the Ends of the Earth Exhibition

Presented by Bookshop by Uro
29 May–01 Jun (4 sessions)
Book launch Talk

To the Ends of the Earth: Richard Weller's Grand Tour of 21st Century Places

Presented by Bookshop by Uro
29 May