Fiend Bookshop

Naarm / Melbourne

Fiend is a bookshop based out of Naarm that showcases zines, small press and independent publications; both local and international. In a lot of ways zines and small press can be considered the finger food of the literary world, often a snack-sized accent to the main event. At Fiend, we want to centre and serve such publications; all situated in varied socio-cultural positions, each telling us its own short story of both the and their modern moment. While not a publisher, Fiend works directly with self-published artists and writers as well as local and international small press publishing houses, allowing for a curation of titles that both celebrates and encourages our literary community here whilst also sharing in and promoting communities abroad. In doing so, we would like to think that we play host to a collection of titles that isn't showcased in this way anywhere else in the country.