An Evening with Annabelle Hickson & Sophie Hansen


Tue 28 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm


$30 per person


77 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads VIC 3227, Australia


Join us at the Barwon Heads Community Hall for an evening with two of our favourite city-turned-country women Annabelle Hickson (Galah) & Sophie Hansen (What Can I Bring?) as they discuss their new books, the creative life, community magic and so much more.

Annabelle & Sophie will be joined in-conversation by author & bookseller extraordinaire Jaclyn Crupi (Pasta Love).

Presented by Heads and Tales Bookstore
Heads & Tales Bookstore is a long-awaited dream of Bella & Emma who met in London in 2015 and forged a special friendship over books and regional Victoria. The bookstore opened in April 2023 and is at the heart of the Barwon Heads community, with a popular calendar of events and book clubs.

Annabelle Hickson Speaker

Galah‘s editor Annabelle Hickson didn’t plan to live in regional Australia, but she fell in love with a handsome farmer from western NSW, so she thought she’d give it a shot. While her husband Ed planted pecan trees, Annabelle looked after their three young children, wrote a regular monthly column at Country Style Magazine and published a book A Tree in the House that has been sold all over the world.

Twelve years after moving west, as the 2019-2020 drought eased, Annabelle wanted to read stories from regional Australia that weren’t about disadvantage. Lack of water, lack of jobs, and lack in general were all real, but they were not the only narrative from regional Australia. And she wanted a publication that acted as a bridge between the city and country divide. So, she made Galah the magazine. Her new book Galah is born in book form from that widely acclaimed, much beloved biannual magazine. A best of, if you like, of that singular ongoing print project.

Sophie Hansen Speaker

Sophie Hansen is one of Australia’s favourite contemporary country cooks. She hosts a lively community of followers of her weekly 5 Things to Be Cheerful About newsletter, Local is Lovely blog and instagram, as well as countless pop-up dinners and events throughout regional Australia. Sophie trained in print journalism and has over 25 years’ experience as a features writer. She lives with her family on a farm just outside Orange in New South Wales.

What Can I Bring? is Sophie’s fifth book, offering seasonally delicious answers to the question most of us ask when invited to a gathering. Sophie’s earlier books include A Basket by the Door, In Good Company and Around the Kitchen Table. Sophie also co-hosts a podcast about cooking and reading, and reading about cooking, called Something to Eat and Something to Read.

Jaclyn Crupi Moderator

Jaclyn Crupi is an author, book editor, project manager, event host and bookseller. Jaclyn has worked in publishing and bookselling since 2002. Jaclyn is regularly on ABC Radio reviewing books and offering reading recommendations. She reviews books on her Instagram account and talks books in her newsletter. Jaclyn has written numerous books for both children and adults including Pasta Love, Garden Like a Nonno, Nonna Knows Best and The ABC Kids Guide to Loving the Planet.