Light, Space, Place: The Architecture of Robin Gibson

Presented by Uro Publications

Uro Publications hosted an event celebrate the launch of Light, Space, Place: The Architecture of Robin Gibson. Hosted at Composite, Collingwood Yards, editors Deborah van der Plaat and Lloyd Jones discuss with the University of Melbourne’s professor Philip Goad of Gibson’s distinctive vision of Brisbane as a sub-tropical city, sensitive to climate and place, and alive with people.

While many architects might aspire to profoundly transform their cities, very few ever manage to build at scales that would make this possible. The architect Robin Gibson not only built prolifically and at expansive urban scales, his projects redefined the culture and identity of one of Australia’s major capital cities, Brisbane. ‘Light, Space, Place: The Architecture of Robin Gibson’ is the first book ever published on this immensely significant Australian architect, designer of some of Brisbane’s most important civic and commercial environments, including the Queensland Museum, the State Library of Queensland, the Performing Arts Complex and the renowned Queensland Art Gallery.

Professor Philip Goad, is internationally known for his research and is an authority on modern Australian architecture.
Dr Deborah van der Plaat, Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Queensland.
Lloyd Jones, Masters graduate of Architecture, the School of Architecture, The University of Queensland (UQ).