Kylie Watson

Naarm / Melbourne

I make and create limited edition large scale artist books that are scroll like in formation and based on my printmaking practice. They are hand sewn and designed and made in my studio using hand cut and drawn linocuts and printed on Japanese paper. The images refer to my interest in the self/ body/anatomy and how the metaphorical bruises and marks of love and grief annotate our bodies and hearts. These books are a container for my thoughts and personal geographies in which I explore a narrative that uses images and text as both pattern and meaning to decipher the language of human connection and how love leaves scars behind always. Other books explore the impact of surgical processes on my body and how this absence/removal leaves traces behind and within. Text is varied in scale and volume and hand cut using lino. These elements are layered and over printed onto my prints then torn and sewn and remade into a book that can be read/observed/viewed/consumed as a visceral object.