Supertight Past Event

Supertight, image courtesy of Uro Publications


Fri 26 May 6:00pm - 7:00pm


Booking required


5/30 Perry Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia


‘Supertight: Models for Living and Making Culture in Dense Urban Environments’ is a new book that explores both the delight and the difficulty that emerges through close occupation in large cities.
In this live in-store discussion, Supertight editors Dr Graham Crist and Dr. John Doyle explore the benefits of urban closeness, of a particular density without an upper limit. They will consider: what are the qualities of cities that adapt to closeness, and do so without limit? How should we describe the qualities found in very dense cities, and how are those qualities designed, observed or imagined?

Presented by Uro Publications
Uro is a multi-award winning publisher of architecture and design books.

John Doyle Speaker

John Doyle is a permanent faculty member and Senior Lecturer in the Architecture and Urban Design Programs at RMIT University. He is a practising architect and a director of COMMON. He has taught at numerous schools in Australia and internationally. He is a visiting professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is Program Manager and Head of the Master of Architecture program at RMIT, and President of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia.

Graham Crist Speaker

Graham Crist is Associate Professor of Architecture at RMIT University in the School of Architecture and Urban Design. He is a founding director of Melbourne based practice Antarctica: Architects. Graham is currently director of RMIT’s Practice Based Research Symposium PhD program in Asia and directs international engagement and recruitment for the architecture discipline.

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