Mindful Observation Workshop Past Event

book and toehr analog equipment used for the mindful observation workshop
Mindful Observation workshop


Sat 27 May 10:30am - 1:00pm


Booking required


5 Bagung La, 5 Bagung La, Princes Hill VIC 3054, Australia


You are invited to slow down as you are guided through a series of creative observational drawing and writing activities. The aim is to be in the moment and create a body of work as a starting point for your own project.

Focusing on the process rather than a particular outcome is a freeing way to work, particularly at the start of a project or when there is no particular goal in mind. This freedom combined with a focus on the senses invites spontaneity and joy into one’s practice.

Ideal for anyone wanting to bring mindfulness into their practice, this workshop is suitable for beginners to professionals in any field, particularly those who are seeking new inspiration and motivation.

Bring a sketchbook or notebook and mark-making materials or a digital device if you prefer. The workshop fee includes a complimentary workbook, herbal teas, and reference materials to use during the session.

Presented by Nicola Hardy
A multi-disciplinary artist, graphic designer, and educator, Nicola Hardy embraces all forms of making, from collage to print to digital. She brings fun, joy, and imagination into her practice and encourages others to do the same.